Blind Date Books

During my time at Corrimal High School I learnt about a great way to inspire students to read. It is a fantastic concept that has been adopted by the TL known as the Blind Date Book Experience. This experience gives students the opportunity to borrow a book that is a complete mystery to them. They do not know the book’s genre, or even what it is about, but once borrowed, the student unwraps the book and experiences something that they may not have selected to read off the shelf themselves. The concept of the Blind Date Book has already had great success in the library. It promotes a love of reading and has seen a circulation rise in student’s book borrowing. This is certainly one concept that I will be incorporating into my own school library when the time comes. It was so wonderful to see how the books left the shelves after my updated versions of the blind date books were put on display. Its certainly an easy way to lift book borrowing numbers!

Here is what my Blind Date Books looked like on the shelf



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