ETL507 Practical Experience

Corrimal High Schoolchs

My ETL507 Prac was undertaken at Corrimal High School. I have gained so much from my practical experience at Corrimal High School and possess a greater understanding of the diverse range of responsibilities a TL must manage every day in order to provide a relevant, inviting and equitable service to the entire school community. I have seen firsthand how a teacher librarian should support the core business of the school, how to improve student learning outcomes and how to promote reading. I have learnt how to better incorporate the use of ICT by seeing what works and what doesn’t work. I have also learnt how to assist in the development of student’s information literacy skills. Running the library for half a day on my own and teaching classes on my own, and as a team, has built my confidence. I got such a thrill when I put my first ever loan through Oasis and when I found the perfect resource that matched a student’s requirements. I can’t believe how much I enjoyed every task, big or small. I now believe that I am capable of achieving the duties required of a teacher librarian’s role. This confidence has come from a fuller understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a TL and by putting into practice the last year and half’s teachings from my master’s degree.

Placement Activities:

My role during my placement at Corrimal High school was to support the TL and LSO in any jobs that were delegated to me. The first day I observed the overall running of the library and then I was given the opportunity to run the library as I would do if the library was my very own. For half a day, whilst the TL was assisting with an immunisation program I even ran the library and two classes on my own. This was an experience I will never forget and one that has confirmed that I want to be a teacher librarian.

Some activities that I was involved in are as follows;

  • Learnt how to navigate Oasis i.e. borrowing, reserving, and discarding
  • Learnt how to process a book, from barcoding and SCIS subject headings right through to book covering
  • Learnt how to operate the two library terminals
  • Learnt what to do with overdue or lost books
  • Discussed loan periods and book amounts per student
  • Discussed stocktake and when it is undertaken
  • Resourcing for the curriculum – was asked to find books about different topics to assist teachers from numerous faculties
  • Liaised with staff and students who had library enquires or book requests
  • Viewed, discussed and helped to amend the library budget that has been allocated for the 2014 school year
  • Created blind date books
  • Culled shelves in order to keep the collection up-to-date
  • Discarded the books in the library management system that I selected to be discarded
  • Assisted teaching a year 8 motivation lesson
  • Taught a special education lesson on the 1000 paper cranes novel
  • Assisted with a special education year seven literacy program lesson on nouns
  • Organised a special Education year nine English class’s work on deserts, reefs and marine life.
  • Taught a year 9 science lesson on radiation using the library computers
  • Taught a year 8 motivation lesson – incorporating ICT technology into the lesson
  • Taught a year seven English class that were preparing for a three minute speech on an endangered animal
  • Discussed with year 8 the importance of authentic websites – here I incorporated ICT and utilised hoax websites throughout lesson
  • Ran roll call
  • Ran the library for half a day all on my own (the TL attend the sports carnival on school grounds)
  • Monitored recess and lunchtime student activity
  • Attended assembly
  • Rearranged shelves
  • Created new library signage for shelves
  • Discussed collection development and how it should support the curriculum across different platforms.
  • Discussed where to find appropriate educational resources
  • Promoted the library by writing a newsletter article.
  • Printed out overdue loans and wrote notices for students, being careful not to give students a note if their circumstances at home meant that they would be reprimanded.

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