ETL507 Study Visit: Sydney 2014

Day Four: Sydney Institute of TAFE

Sydney Institute of TAFE Library


I learned that the Sydney Institute of TAFE is the only TAFE library in NSW. It is a government funded library whose current funding arrangements will be changing as of January 2015. Whilst the librarian did not expand on the funding changes she did state that the library does have a strategic plan and will continue to adhere to it next year. In these tough economic times it can only be assumed that there will be funding cuts. Considering that the library does not have the funding of its sister service, the university library, it should be noted that the TAFE library still goes above and beyond to support its students in all aspects of their study. So whilst financial resources in the TAFE library may be shrinking the quality of their service is not.

The Sydney Institute of TAFE Library’s strengths are that it aims to make itself invaluable to users, it runs information literacy and copyright basic workshops and uses ProviderWatch to ensure the library is involved in what is happening at an institute level. The Sydney Institute of TAFE Library’s weakness would be a loss of government funding which will ultimately result in a loss of staff and the strict accountability of purchases. This study visit gave a very detailed analysis of the Sydney Institute of TAFE’s facilities, student support focus and specialist services. During the visit it was evident that the library’s main aim is to support their students. There one-on-one student support services, their English reading groups and their lunch time drop in sessions are a few ways the library does this. After a tour of the premises I realised just how blessed the TAFE was to have such a large amount of space. All areas were certainly put to good use. There were quiet areas, beanbag rest areas, jigsaw puzzles, chess, digital gaming spaces and more.


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