Students and Critical Thinking Skills

critical thinking skills

The above chart is a fantastic way to improve students critical thinking skills, no matter at what stage of an assessment. These question stems also inspire new ways of thinking and promote deeper learning.


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Students Web Research Skills

webJust finished reading an interesting article on a survey that examined students web research skills on Easybib. The survey revealed that “librarians have little confidence in student skill levels when it comes to both properly paraphrasing and identifying credible Web sources in research when compared to students’ evaluations of themselves” (Papallo, 2015, para.1). Its interesting to note that the students believed they are capable users of the word wide web. Yes they are certainly digital natives, having been born into a world of technology, but have they ever been shown how to correctly use and evaluate the information they are exposed to?

Every student must learn that what they read in their news feeds, or on the internet, is not necessarily factual. They must be taught sound information literacy skills to filter through the incorrect, or out-dated information. I have found that Information literacy models are a fantastic way to overcome this issue.

Take a look at the article here;


Papallo, J. (2015). Survey Examines Students’ Web Research Skills. Education World. Retrieved from: