Essential Library LInks and Information

100 Helpful Blogs For School Librarians

Eulogy For A Library

Without libraries our imaginations will shrink, our curiosity will contract and our world will be a sadder place.

School librarian’s fear for their jobs

Latest Illawarra news, sport, football and business news from the Illawarra Mercury.
Building a vibrant future for school library conversations
This article discusses the ongoing professional conversation between teachers and the teacher librarian. As well as the role digital mediums can play in this collaborative conversation.
ASLA’s New Website

Finally the ASLA’s new website is up and running. Click on the above link to explore
Curriculum Support
This link contains essential curriculum support information from the nsw government.
Teacher Librarians crucial in info age
How does your boss see you?
Librarians’ Top 10 Tasks. How principals see them. Help students to access information and books. Help faculty to access information and books. Share technology expertise with students and teachers.
Board of Studies
The Board of Studies NSW Australia serves teachers and a million students in both government and non-government schools.
This link takes you to the ALIA – The Australian Library and Information Association. Essential information for Teacher Librarians.
School Libraries
What a difference a school library makes
Assistance is provided on locating potential suppliers for particular items on various websites;
  • Booko
    Booko helps you find the cheapest place to buy Books or DVDs, including shipping to Australia. Booko converts all prices into $AUD.
  • Trove
    Click the Buy button to find suggested suppliers for any item listed in the Libraries Australia catalogue
  • Titlepage
    TitlePage is the Australian book industry’s online price and availability service. It allows publishers and distributors to offer current price, availability and stock information to booksellers and suppliers.

Strong school libraries build strong students

A strong school library staffed by the library team of a state certified or licensed librarian supported by clerical assistance; has up-to-date books, materials, equipment and technology; includes regular collaboration between
classroom teachers and school librarians; and supports the development of digital literacy skills.
Working Together is Working Smarter
This article highlights the importance of collaboration. As well as how the school library plays a vital role in building a schools collective capacity.
Creative Commons Web Page
This is a fantastic website to help you find a variety of media for use under creative commons.
What is Information Literacy?
Student’s need better libraries not ipads
A straightforward guide to Creative Commons

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